CHHUNY Policies and Procedures

The Board of Directors of the Children's Health Home of Upstate New York have approved the following policies and procedures to govern and guide the work of the organization. In our continued efforts of transparency, all of these policies are made available to the CHHUNY Network and to the public. Are files below are available as downloadable .pdf files.

Governance (Updated 7/6/16)
Core Services (Updated 9/27/16)
Plan of Care (Updated 9/13/16)
Outreach and Engagement  (Updated 7/6/16)
Quality Assurance  (Updated 9/13/16)
Cultural Competency  (Updated 7/6/16)
Enrollment (Updated 8/16/16)
Care Manager Education (Updated 8/16/16)
Interfacing with LDSS (Updated 8/16/16)
Recipient Restriction Program (Updated 8/16/16)
Access to Plan of Care (Updated 8/16/16)
Billing and Claims Payment (Updated 10/31/16)
NetSmart CM Account Controls and Security Levels (Updated 8/16/16)
NetSmart CM Help Desk (Updated 8/16/16)
NetSmart SM Account Setup and Maintenance (Updated 01/04/17)
Netsmart CareManager Training Policy- Champion Model (Updated 8/10/17)
Lead Health Home and RHIO Connectivity (Updated 8/16/16)
Complaint Reporting Policy (Updated 4/24/17)
Incident Reporting Policy (Updated 7/21/17)
Care Manager Training Policy (Updated 7/19/17)
Consent (Updated 9/27/16)
CMA Network Development (Updated 9/13/16)
Referral (Updated 9/13/16)
Eligibility (Updated 9/13/16)
Supervisor to Care Manager Ratio (Updated 9/13/16)
Opting Out, Discharge, and Transfer (Updated 9/27/16)
Continuity of Care and Re-engagement for Enrolled Members (Updated 11/15/17)