Contact CHHUNY

CHHUNY Main Telephone Line: 1-855-209-1142

CHHUNY Help Desk: or 1-855-800-3802

This includes Assignments, Capacity questions, Transfers (between Health Homes, or within CHHUNY to another agency)

Tracy Marchese

Quality Assurance
Questions Regarding Quality Process including audit process, responding to audit results letter, providing a Corrective Action Plan, submitting results of self-audits (as requested)

Christine Mangione

To schedule a training

Chelsea Graham

Contract Document Management

Kathy Berthod

Billing process and questions (this includes question regarding issue tracking in the Millin CMA Portal)

Linda Billotti

CHHUNY NetSmart Helpdesk
Including issues with Netsmart or submission for Add/Drop user forms

To reach the Helpdesk Team, please visit:
1-855-800-3802 (for urgent needs)

Incident and Complaint Reporting

Linda Spas

Overall Operations

Nicole Bryl


Donna Fiscella, Executive Director

Children's Health Home of Upstate New York
1099 Jay Street, Bldg J
Rochester, New York 14611